Mighty Wolverine Sound Wellington High School band heading to Pearl Harbor to perform for veterans

WELLINGTON, Fla. -- The Wellington High School band is en route to perform for veterans on the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

The Mighty Wolverine Sound from Wellington will soon perform on the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor. The Wellington High School Band departed in the wee hours Friday. About 95 students and 30 adults boarded four buses, and while it was early, students were excited.

Junior Shawn Spatz, who plays tenor drums in the band, said, "I think that it's definitely going to be something that I'm definitely going to have butterflies for, because I need to do my best because these people gave the ultimate sacrifice and I'm just trying to play an instrument for them."

Educators say the band has a commitment to performing for veterans, taking time to play for veterans locally at various events.

The group has been fundraising for months. On the trip, the students will wear new uniforms, after the Wellington Band Booster Association received large donations after fifteen years of fundraising.

Director of Bands, Mary Oser, says the band traveled to Pearl Harbor in 2009. The group traveling this year is a new group of students, since the last bunch graduated.

"I hear from alumni band members all the time who went on our first trip four years ago, and they constantly tell me this was their greatest memory of high school and we are hoping it will be the same for these kids this year," she said.

Adam Clarke, a junior who plays tenor drums, said the experience will take the students beyond what they've learned about in history books.

Clarke said, "Hearing about it is one thing, but actually being there where it actually happened is another thing, and it's very exciting."

While in Hawaii, the students will learn about World War II and the history and culture of Hawaii.

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