Former Wellington Village board member apologizes for Nazi salute

WELLINGTON, Fla. - A former Wellington board member publicly apologized Tuesday night for a Nazi salute. It was Marcia Radosevich's first remarks since the controversy erupted.

It began as an emotional apology. Radosevich was near tears as she spoke about her family's history fighting the Nazi regime. She said her grandfather was sent to a concentration camp and several relatives fought against the Nazis during World War II.

She spoke for 15 minutes at the end of Wellington's council meeting.

The controversy stems from a March 5th meeting. Radosevich was a member of Wellington's Planning, Zoning and Adjustment Board.  She made the 'Heil Hitler' salute during a discussion over a policy change she felt would give too much power to an individual position.

Radosevich called it a sad event and said she takes full responsibility.

"I lost my temper," says Radosevich, "I lost my patience and momentarily I lost my power of thought. I reverted to the most potent gesture of my subconscious to express what these staff were trying to do."

Radosevich also blasted the Chamber of Commerce and others who she says bullied her over the gesture.

The crowd applauded after Radosevich finished her remarks. Several people said they supported her.  Radosevich has also received emails from people saying they forgave her.

Radosevich resigned from her position and the council has already filled that vacancy.


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