Marcia Radosevich Nazi salute update: Planning, Zoning & Adjustment board member apologizes

Offers to resign

WELLINGTON, Fla. - A woman at the center of a Nazi salute controversy has apologized and offered to resign.

Planning, Zoning and Adjustment board member Marcia Radosevich directed her gesture toward another village official in the middle of a public meeting on March 5th. She suggested his committee could have too much independent power.

Once the salute became public Village leaders received emails calling for her removal.

Radosevich submitted a letter the council Thursday. In it she said, "I wish to extend my sincerest apologies to Mr. Stillings, the Village Staff and Council, and to the citizens of Wellington for using the Nazi salute at the March 5 2014 Planning Zoning and Adjustment Board meeting.

She said she has been the subject of anti-Semitism and "would never intentionally subject another person to that experience." she also said her grandfather was interned in a concentration camp and said her father suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome from fighting the Nazis.

She said her reaction was prompted by frustrations with staff and a proposal that she said would concentrate power for many land use and zoning decisions in one person.

She said the controversy only serves the people whom she says "want to want to keep the public focused on anything except the power grab they are attempting."

In the letter Radosevich offered her resignation from the Planning Zoning and Adjustment Board so the public and council can focus on important issues.

Read letter here:

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