Wellington roadside memorial for Scott Wilson taken down

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Part of the roadside memorial that stood as a remembrance to Scott Wilson has been removed from a Wellington intersection.

Parents of the 23-year-old man killed in an auto accident by International polo Club Palm Beach founder John Goodman removed part of the memorial at the request of the Village of Wellington.

Wilson drowned in a canal near the intersection of Lake Worth Road and 120th Avenue South after it was struck by Goodman in 2010. Goodman was convicted of DUI manslaughter in March.

Recently, the Village and Wilson's parents had discussions to bring the memorial in compliance with Village regulations.

The regulations, passed in 2004, allow permanent, fixed memorial markers similar to those seen on some Florida highways.

Scott Smith, an attorney for Scott Wilson's father, William, had asked the Village to keep the memorial unchanged.

The Village said artificial flowers and other remembrances had to be removed.
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"One of the questions I was asked is why now as opposed to a year ago or two years ago. And we simply didn't feel it was appropriate to ask the Wilson family to do something with that memorial during the Goodman trial or during the time when their civil suit was still going on," said Paul Schofield, Manager of the Village of Wellington.

Schofield said similar memorials for Jimmy Duemig and Alfonso Navarro, who had also been killed in auto accidents, were removed and permanent memorial markers were put in their place.

A permanent marker in remembrance of Scott Wilson remained near the intersection. 

His memorial was the largest Wellington had ever seen.

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