John Goodman juror Dennis DeMartin questioned by judge Colbath

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Hours before polo mogul John Goodman was sentenced for his DUI manslaughter conviction in the death of Scott Wilson, a juror was brought in for questioning.

Juror Dennis DeMartin was asked several questions prior to sentencing surrounding juror misconduct allegations and about a drinking experiement DeMartin wrote about in his trial book, "Believing in the Truth."

The questioning came down if DeMartin made up anything in this book, if he was taking a particular drug during his experiment and if he told jurors about drinking three vodka and tonics.

DeMartin answered "no" to all three questions.

Speaking exclusively to WPTV NewsChannel 5 after being released from the Palm Beach County Courthouse, DeMartin said he was a little surprised about how few questions Judge Jeffrey Colbath asked.

DeMartin said he thought the questions were fair.

He said he was not thinking too much about the implications of a new trial, just trying to be honest and clear when answering questions.

"I was nervous naturally from when I got there. I felt tough as the questions opened, I felt a little more relaxed. I looked at Mr. Goodman once or twice and everything seemed to go okay, I hope," said DeMartin.

DeMartin said his only regret was writing a book about the trial fast. He said he wished he would have waited a little longer.

DeMartin also said he had no idea drinking and writing about three vodka and tonic cocktails would have caused so much uproar.

The judge is said to be finished questioning DeMartin, but the juror could be brought back in for questioning if and when Goodman's attorneys file for an appeal.

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