Hunt continues for alligator living near Village Park, popular children's park in Wellington

Gator is about 7' long, weigh about 150 pounds

WELLINGTON, Fla. -- An alligator trapper will continue his efforts Tuesday to track down an alligator spotted near a popular children's park in Wellington.

The reptile is estimated to be about seven feet long and weigh about 150 pounds.
Over the past few days, alligator trapper Rick Kramer has visited Village Park several times trying to catch the gator. So far, he hasn't been successful.
"Finding him is one thing, catching him is another," said Kramer, with his eyes set on the pond at the rear of the park. He was called in by park officials to take care of this 'nuisance' alligator that moved into the water right next to dozens of kids on the football field.
None of the people at the park seem to know that Kramer has been hanging out there. But the gator sure has.

"I've been out here three days, and this is the first time I've actually seen the alligator," he said. An alligator control officer contracted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Kramer works alone and with only a hook on the end of his line. He wants to snag some part of the gator's body to reel the animal in, tape its mouth closed, then load it onto his truck.

Kramer said he had the gator in his sights, but came up short. The rains came and the sun set, but Kramer will keep trying.

"Some instances, you show up and catch an alligator in ten minutes," he said. "Sometimes it takes a few days, a few weeks."     

He said he doesn't mind the waiting, though. For him, this is tradition. Kramer's father was an alligator trapper for 30 years.

"If you know what you're doing and if you give the alligator respect, it's all right," he said.

This particular alligator at Village Park is especially worrisome for park staff because it is right next to football fields frequently used by children, officials say.
Those at the park are asked to be extra vigilant and cautious until the alligator is caught.
Dan Corcoran, WPTV .com contributed to this report.
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