Homeowner, firefighters run into burning house to save pets

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Amanda Powell is always greeted by her pets when she arrives home.

"When I walk in the house they all came running to me," said Powell.

But when her 4 cats and one dog didn't greet her at the door Monday, she panicked.

"I couldn't breathe when I got into the middle part of the house," said Powell.

When she walked inside she discovered a fire had started. Powell quickly brought  her two children to a neighbors house, and then raced back to her pets trapped in the house.

"It was a very chaotic, stressful, emotionally charged event," said Doug McGlynn.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue says when crews arrived they  went in looking for  the animals.

Tuesday, Amanda Powell and her husband  were reunited with their two cats and dog that survived.
Dr. Jean Oberg is a  veterinarian who rushed to the house when she heard the animals were in danger.

"You have to triage each patient, and you have to actually decide who you are going to treat first," said Oberg.

The surviving  animals suffered smoke inhalation, but are expected to make a full recovery.

"I had 5 four-legged kids and two two legged, so I had 7 kids so it's still a loss," said Powell.

But Powell doesn't regret risking her own life, just to save her pets.

"My animals are my kids, I can deal with losing material things, its just going to be very hard to come back to this house and they're not there," said Powell.

The homeowner works at Jordan's Steak Bistro in Wellington. A portion of sales from Tuesday through Sunday will go to the family as they attempt to get back on their feet.

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