Wellington Christian School : High School classes could be closing

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Leland Herring cannot believe his teenager may not be able to attend high school at Wellington Christian School in August of next year.

"The education is great and we like the Biblical foundation that they lay and all of their teaching is based on," said Herring.

School leaders spoke to parents last night about the possibility of closing its upper grades. The decision is based on a dropping enrollment. Tim Sansbury, the headmaster of the school said, "We made the evaluation that in order to maintain the level of quality of program that we have now, we would need to raise a significant amount of money, directly into the high school and that's a 1.6 million dollar campaign."

If the money is not raised, a dozen staff members could lose their jobs.

A few teachers have said they are willing to take a pay cut to help.

"The teachers are willing to do whatever they can to get this done. and I do believe their commitment to parents is incredible, but there comes a point in time where people need to be paid for the work that they do," said Sansbury.

If the money is not raised, the school will be working with other schools to help find jobs for the staff affected by the changes.

The changes would affect 9th through 12th grades. The two year old classes through 8th grades would not be affected.

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