Carlos Gracida: Friends talk about polo player

Wellington - Watching a polo match is bittersweet for Jimmy Newman after losing his friend of 35 years.

His friend, polo great Carlos Gracida, died from head injuries from a polo match on Tuesday.

Newman said, "To lose a Hall of Famer like that and the kind of guy he was, he was really first class."

Gracida, who was born in Mexico City, was a nine-time U.S. Open winner and five time player of the year.

The Wellington resident will be missed. Newman added, "Other than the fact that he was one of the greatest players. I mean, every time the guy showed up he had a smile on his face, never any trouble to deal with. He loved horses he loved the sport."

So many people admired Gracida, that a newsletter is already circulating paying tribute to him. Even polo players like Sapo Caset who played on opposing teams, respected him on the field.

"He was the best and he won everything and like I said, to me playing against him or with him it was a pleasure always. I learned a lot about him and he was always a gentleman. I learned a lot about him and also his brother Memo, said Caset."


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