Flooding, frustrations taking toll in Wellington

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Flooding is causing some major frustrations in the village of Wellington as some residents are being forced to find new places to sleep because waters are preventing them from driving to their homes.

Wellington's Rich Iannarelli and Sue Hosking thought they take their small station wagon through a flooded Big Blue Terrace in the heart of Wellington. The pair had just returned from a road trip to Orlando.

"We thought we made it through the worst of it and the worst of it is when we get home," said Iannarelli.

The blinding rains and whipping winds they drove through to get home did not compare to their biggest obstacle just a few blocks from home. Feet of standing water overcame the bottom of their vehicle, which stalled out within moments.

"All of a sudden I was up to my ankles in water sitting in the car," Hosking said. The pair used plastic cups to bail out the floor of the vehicle after good Samaritans pushed the car out of the flood waters.

Across the village of Wellington there was flooded streets and frustrations from those residents who wanted to get to their homes but could not. Kevin Summey and many of his neighbors ditched their vehicles - and their shoes - and waded their way back home.

"I've lived here for twenty years, and I've never seen it as bad as this," said Summey.

Since so many roads in Wellington remain closed, many people were having to find new places to stay. Employees at the Hampton Inn & Suites near the Mall at Wellington Green were busy Monday taking a large number of unexpected reservations. Many residents were looking for a warm - and dry - spot for the night.

Officials in Wellington have requested assistance from the National Guard to help as the waters recede.

Authorities believe it could take between two or three days for flooding to subside and urge residents to stay at home and off the roads through Tuesday, if possible.

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