Donor money comes slowly for local fundraiser

Fundraisers struggle with getting all donor money

WELLINGTON, Fla. - Big fundraisers count on their donors, but during tough times getting the money from those who pledge isn't always easy.

At Big Dog Ranch Rescue, they take care of more than a hundred dogs while the animals wait to get adopted and moved into a new home. 

"We give the dogs all the medical care that they need and all the shots and everything to get them ready for their new life," Lorrie Browne of the Big Dog Ranch Rescue said.

Browne is on the ranch rescue's board and she said each year, a tight budget makes it difficult to take care of the numerous dogs they take care of.

This year, she said they got a huge help by placing fifth in FTI's Great Charity Challenge in February.

They received $70,000 and the winner of that challenge received $150,000.

"That $70,000 check helped us pay for part of our veterinary clinic and caring for the every day needs we have for our dogs," Browne said.

All of the 32 charities were paid their portion of more than a million dollars they won in the main portion of the challenge.

There was also a voting challenge in the competition, where the top three charities with the highest vote totals received a share of $50,000.

All three of those winners haven't been paid as of right now, but organizers say the money is on the way. 

"We understand that running a large event like that there's complications," Browne said. "We're just grateful and when the $12,500 comes for us, we'll be grateful."

Mark Bellissimo with Equestrian Sports Productions said the three charities will be paid in the next few weeks.

The company says they've had some issues collecting the money that was pledged.

Each has been told that a check will be coming from the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, which is where the money was donated.

It's a small fundraising problem shared by other charities in this economy.  

The United Way of Palm Beach County says of millions of dollars they raised in 2011, a little more than a thousand wasn't collected from pledges last year.

"That's income that people decide so you know... it's discretionary that's money that people decide if they're going to support that charity so we understand that," Browne said.

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