Dogs rescued from Miami-Dade ready for adoption from Big Dog Ranch Rescue

It's been a long time coming for these dogs at Big Dog Ranch Rescue.
"When they first came in, we were horrified to see that so many of them did not know how to interact with people at all," said Jeff Jacob.
25 Dachshund mixes came from Miami Dade County early last month when the owner died of natural causes.
"They were in horrible conditions, they were skinny, underfed, a lot of them didn't have any hair or fur," said Jacob.
The dogs were found early June, living in a home. NewsChannel 5 was told they were found covered in filth. They didn't have access to clean water or medical care. Big Dog Ranch Rescue was one of several agencies that came to the rescue.
Most of the dogs have since made a full recovery.
"Today is a new day, this is Mel, looks how great he's interacting, he's very calm, and very, very happy to be in a safe loving place, and sometimes theres a happy ending for abused animals," said Jacob.
An ending that's already playing out. The group of dogs are now up for adoption. Two have already found permanent homes.
"Can you imagine any greater reward then knowing you've taken a dog, with no future for good health, and a happy environment, the gifts that dog is going to give to that family are beyond measurable," said Jacob.
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