Dogs displaced from North Florida because of Tropical Storm Debby

WELLINGTON, Fla. - When you visit the Big Dog Ranch Rescue facility in Wellington, you will find dozens of dogs sleeping, eating or running around outside.

Lauree Simmons, founder of the ranch says unwanted pets end up here. She says because they are a no-kill home, and they try to find the animals a loving home.

Lauree said, "The economy that has been so bad has really made the need like rescue like ours triple in the past few years. There are so many dogs who are adoptable, including these cute little puppies."

There are 3 recent dogs up for adoption. They were living at a shelter in Starke, Florida, but tropical storm Debby flooded out their cages, forcing the shelter's workers to turn to other facilities for help.

"Their entire shelter had flooded and they were in three feet of water, many puppies drowned, unfortunately before they were able to get to them and they were begging for rescues to come up and take their dogs out because they had no where to put them."

The dogs will be quarantined in order to check their health and receive the necessary shots.

"Added three more dogs to the mix from Debby, but this is what we do. They are great dogs, they deserve to live, this is what we do. We rescue, we are in this for the dogs."

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