Cathy-Ann Norton graduated, became a US citizen on the same day

WELLINGTON, Fla. - One Wellington High School graduate's future is looking a lot brighter. Not only did Cathy-Ann Norton graduate high school Thursday, she also officially became a US citizen.

"It's like a surreal moment, it's very overwhelming," she said.

Cathy-Ann came to Florida with her family when she was just 7-years-old.

She has been going through the long process of becoming a citizen, and going through high school at the same time.

She remembers the difficulty she had when she first arrived. "I spoke Jamaican… so I had to learn to speak regular, proper English. I mean I was a little rocky.”

A rocky path that now has been completed, opening many new paths for the future.

Her mother Euvaline Norton also became a citizen Thursday. Something they did together. "I'm very proud of her, I feel happy. You know because she has worked so hard this year."

Now Cathy-Ann’s on her way to becoming a contributing member of society; which is a big step for anyone. "It's going to be scary going out into the world, being on my own, now that I'm 18 I graduated and got my citizenship."

Cathy-Ann plans to attend Palm Beach State College, and then go to FAU to study nursing.

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