Boston Marathon Bombing: Wellington woman hit by blast awaits arrest, closure in traumatic explosion

Lillian Plaia was hit in the leg, burned by bomb

As a nation waits patiently for an arrest in the Boston Marathon Bombing, a Wellington woman who was hit by the blast it watching closely.  

Lillian Plaia cannot take her eyes of her computer screen.

On Monday, she was right at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, waiting for her husband Sal Plaia to complete the race.

"15 feet more to the right, had I been standing, I could be one of those with no limbs today," said Lillian Plaia.

Lillian eventually found her husband after searching for hours.

Just prior to the explosion, she took a photo of where she was standing.

"I felt something hot, burning. A burning sensation," said Lillian Plaia.

She had been hit by pieces bursting from the bomb. Lillian now has multiple mark from where tiny pieces of metal hit her.

"Right now it's really hit me a lot. It's something that I think of constantly. I'm hoping that they find who did this," said Lillian Plaia.

It was an up-and-down day for Lillian. At first, she saw online there had possibly been an arrest in the case. But after turning on her television, she realized there had been no such development.

"I won't forgive these people because next year I will run and I will finish," said Sal Plaia.

Lillian's husband, Sal Plaia, said he is not afraid. She on the other hand said she needs an arrest. Like so many impacted by the bombing, she needs it to being the healing process.

"This person has to be taken off the streets so that he, she, they can't do any further damage to anyone," said Lillian Plaia.

Lillian Plaia said she has an appointment scheduled to see the doctor on Thursday. She was told by medical staff at the Boston Marathon that injuries suffered from the blast can cause infections and spread.


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