Big Dog Ranch Rescue: Shelter needs help caring for dogs

WELLINGTON, Fla. - It's the dog days of summer for 3-year-old Mya.

The shepherd terrier mix cools off at her temporary home at Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Mya is healthy and ready for a loving home. But that's not the case for a handful of pups rescued from a hoarder's house in Miami where dozens of dogs were found in deplorable conditions. 

"A lot of them are not in very good health. Like most shelters and rescues we are always at capacity and it's not any different right now. These dogs have majorly stressed our capacity and we need to give the best care possible," the organization's executive director Jeff Jacob said.

Jacob says his staff is giving some of the dogs medical care every two hours, due to severe skin conditions and other problems.

"We made the choice to try to help in that situation and some other rescues did as well to help the dachshunds from Miami Dade... they put a stress on us as far as our quarantine space goes, our manpower space and we are doing the best that we can. So of them are not doing well, but most of them are," he said

There is something the public can do to help. They can become a foster family. 

"Foster families can be the life blood and often times are the life blood of a good rescue operation, but just like an adoption there is a process to go through and we need to make sure that it is a stable home and home capable of giving care with additional live creatures in their house but that can be a huge help," Jacob said.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is located 10948 Acme Road in Wellington.

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