Back to Boston: Floridians ready to run marathon one year after bombings

PBC man to run with sister who was injured

WELLINGTON, Fla. - South Floridians - including some there that fateful day last  year - are preparing to head north for the historic - and emotional - Boston Marathon.

The Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 inspired Terry Lisi of Palm Beach County to train for the race this year.

"I'm there to run for the people that can't and the ones that didn't survive," said Lisi.

It is a first for him and for his sister, Leeann. They plan to run side-by-side. "It's going to be hard," said Lisi. "It's going to be really hard."

It has been a very difficult twelve months for Leeann, who had to re-learn how to walk and to run. She was one of those spectators standing right next to the finish line last year. Her lower left leg was shattered by the explosion. Her spirit was not. Leeann will soon run towards that very spot on Monday.

"She wants to show everybody that she wants to come full circle and she's going to finish," said Lisi. "It's a dream come true to run with my sister."

Leeann still has periodic laser treatments for her scarring but she is looking forward to crossing the finish line.

There were several commemorations in Boston on Tuesday, in which she took part. She reunites with her brother in a couple of days.