Aaron's iPad Lending Library started by young girl to help sick children.

WELLINGTON, Fla. - The dining room in Sarah Clein's Wellington house has been converted into a science lab. The 11-year-old could one day be in the medical field.

Almost two years ago, her 6-year-old cousin Aaron was treated for cancer. She noticed he was able to cope with the cancer treatments better through technology.

Clein said, "And when he was going through painful procedures he was able to play games, he could stay still and watch a movie and so I thought about how much the iPad meant to him."

Sarah started raising money for iPads in South Florida hospitals.

So far she has bought 44 iPads for children who are in the hospital battling cancer. "Our first hospital we were planning on was Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, they received 16. And then the next was Palm Beach Children's Hospital and then one was Holtz Children's Hospital."

She knows the IPads will help put a smile on the faces of children,  just like it did for Aaron.

Sarah said, "We want to spread all across Florida and possibly around the nation. I'm very happy about it. It's just very exciting."

More information, Team Aaron: http://bit.ly/1gAV35g

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