Virginia Robison, Jeremy Brinson cases: Two major animal cruelty cases closed in Palm Beach County

Man and woman plead guilty in separate cases

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. -- Two major animal cruelty cases in Palm Beach County came to a close Tuesday.

In January, 2012, prosecutors got their first look inside the Jupiter home of Virginia Robison. 

"Many, many dead cats in her house. There were skeletal remains of cats," said Samuel Miller, Assistant State Attorney. 

Several deceased and emaciated cats were discovered under piles of garbage, dirt and debris. 

"They're terrible images," Miller said.

Robison, on Tuesday, pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty charges. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years probation. 

During that time, Robison must stay away from all animals. 

"Probably the worst case we've seen here in Palm Beach County," Miller said. She was an animal hoarder." 

The case is now closed.

A separate animal cruelty case involves a dog named Sunny, a pitbull-mix that is now curious and energetic. 

But Sunny was not always so happy. 

In Delray Beach in August 2010, she weighed only about ten pounds and she was found covered in her own waste and on the brink of starvation.

Prosecutors say Sunny's condition was the result of the actions - and inaction - of Jeremy Brinson. 

"The animal, I'm happy to say, is living a very happy life and will be living a much happier life than the very man who decided to not feed the animal," said Brennan Keeler, an Assistant State Attorney who prosecuted Brinson.

On Tuesday, Brinson also pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges. 

He will spend the next six months in jail. In all, a half dozen dogs were pulled from Brinson's home; a group later known as the 'Delray 6'.

Sunny, who was in the worst shape, is breathing easy now with a new family and a new life. 

"We have to be there to protect them," said Miller.

Robison turned herself into authorities Tuesday.  Brinson must turn himself in within the next few days or he could face a tougher penalty.

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