Tropical Storm Debby: Two tornado EF0 touchdowns confirmed in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach Sunday

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The National Weather Service in Miami confirmed two EF0 tornado touchdowns on Sunday -- one in West Palm Beach and another Lake Worth.

The City of West Palm Beach says there are about 150 workers out from three different departments cleaning up debris after a tornado touched down Sunday in the area.

The bulk of their work is being done in the area of Australian Avenue ranging from 45th Street all the way over to Belvedere Road, according to city spokesman Elliot Cohen.

"We sort of call it an all hands on deck response," Cohen said. "We've got crews from three departments fanned out across the city.  They either respond to calls we get for trees down or debris in the roadway. That or they're just going street by street to check out what's going on."


According to the National Weather Service, the Enhanced F-scale (EF) is a set of wind estimates (not measurements) based on damage. These estimates vary with height and exposure. An EF0 tornado is the weakest on the scale, with wind speeds of 65-85 mph. An EF5 tornado could have wind speeds of more than 200 mph.

Crews cut off remaining limbs of a tree that blew onto a West Palm Beach Fire Rescue training facility vehicle used for demonstrations.  

That happened off Charlotte Avenue near Old Okeechobee Road.

Next door to that, workers at a warehouse of the Trans Coastal Roofing company were cleaning up debris.

A warehouse door was taken by the winds of the EF 0 tornado that touched down in the area as well as the roof of a neighboring business.  

"I came by (Sunday) and the door was smashed and the other door was missing," Trans Coastal Roofing's Mark Casey said. "There was debris all over the place."

With the neighboring roof that blew onto the Trans Coastal Roofing company's roof, came an air conditioner as well.

"It's a bare metal roof on the neighboring business," Casey said. "We had four to five inches of water in the parking lot so they have about four to five inches of water in their building."

Blue tarps on roofs on 45th Street were captured by Chopper 5 cameras.

Not too far from there, a large tree was uprooted by a Wells Fargo building off Australian Avenue near Banyan Boulevard.

Railings were taken off their hinges by Tri-Rail as well in that area.

Cohen said there are crews from all different departments cleaning up tree limbs, down fences and more throughout the city.