Tips to keep your kids safe while riding the bus to school

This weekend is your last chance to get the kids ready for the first day of school.

Some students may have new bus routes while others will be taking the bus for the very first time.

AAA says the most dangerous part of your child's trip will be getting on and off this bus. They say there's certain things your child needs to know -- like where to stand so the bus driver can always seem them.

Here are some safety tips you should discuss with your kids:
- Make sure the bus driver can see you and you can see the bus driver
- Wait for the driver to signal your child before crossing the street
- When bus arrives, stand 6 feet away from curb
- Never walk behind the bus and stay away from the wheels

A reminder to drivers, you may have forgotten where those school zones are on your way to work.  Be advised that police will be out looking for people speeding in those zones.

Remember, if a bus has their flashing red lights, cars on both sides of the road need to stop.

Make sure your child knows how to properly cross the street and look to the crossing guard or bus driver for direction on when to walk.

Finally, this weekend it would be a good idea to bring your child to the bus stop and help familiarize them with the area.

Palm Beach Co. School District bus route information:

Martin County School District bus route information:

St. Lucie County School District bus route information:

Indian River County School District bus route information:

Okeechobee County School District:

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