Students in Palm Beach County, Treasure Coast return to school

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Students in Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee and Indian River counties return to school Monday.

You want to make sure your child doesn't have the back to school jitters.  The start of the school year can bring on nerves. Many kids are shy about meeting new friends.

Experts say parents also need to take care of themselves.  If you are less stressed, your kids will be too.

"Be aware of your own energy. If you are calm and you are positive and you are reassuring, they are going to be so much more confident with themselves," said Dr. Robyn Cassel, a clinical psychology resident.

Doctors say if you are less stressed, many times that translates to your kids as well.

New buses in Palm Beach County

Dozens of new buses hit the road to pick up students for the first day of school.

After a WPTV Consumer Watchdog story, Palm Beach County added 110 new buses this school year that are equipped with GPS and camera systems. It's the first time the district added buses in three years.

"You can track the buses to know where they are, if they're going to be a couple minutes late or early. IT helps you utilize the technology available to us to make sure we get our kids to school on time,” said Palm Beach County Schools Superintendent Wayne Gent.

The Consumer Watchdog investigation found about 70 percent of the county's buses broke down last year.

Bus drivers were at the north bus depot in Riviera Beach at 4 a.m. making sure the buses were running properly.

The transportation director said a few of the buses didn't run on Monday, and some drivers had to switch vehicles, causing them to get off to a late start.  However, the director said this is normal for the first day.

The district is asking parents to be at the bus stops at least 10 minutes early for the next two weeks as drivers adapt to the new routes.

School changes name in North Palm Beach

Another new change in a Palm Beach County is the newly named The Conservatory School in North Palm Beach, which was formerly called the North Palm Beach Elementary.

The school also has a new building and teaches new grade levels, kindergarten through sixth grade. The building also is complimented by gardens, wireless technology and a performing arts area.

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