Stefanie Woods: Woman known as 'cookie monster' in Palm Beach County jail over probation violation

The woman known as the "cookie monster" is behind bars after police say she violated her probation again.

Stefanie Woods, 24, was arrested Wednesday in Brevard County by U.S. Marshals and is now in custody at the Palm Beach County jail.

Woods gained her nickname after a 2008 arrest when she helped a friend steal $164 from a 9-year-old girl selling Girl Scout cookies in front of a South Florida Winn-Dixie store.

Her most recent troubles started after her probation officer learned that she changed her residence without first getting permission from the officer.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, she has previously violated her probation for the following reasons: failure to remain confined while on community control, failure to follow instructions, failure to follow the rules of electronice monitoring, using illegal drugs, abusing prescription drugs, failure to submit to a drug test, absconding from residential drug treatment, and leaving the county without permission.

Woods' most recent probation violation was due to leaving the county without permission, failure to comply with a curfew, lying to probation, failing to answer questions by probation, associating with a person engaged in criminal activity, failure to perform public service hours, failure to pay for cost of supervision, failure to pay for electronic monitoring, failure to report to probation, failure to submit to drug testing, and absconding, according to her violation report.

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