Saturday mail ending, but is it a big deal?

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - Every afternoon except on Sundays, the mailman walks along Florida Avenue in West Palm Beach delivering mail in Bill Newgent's neighborhood. 

But in August Bill's mailbox likely will be empty. Bill said, "I have a small business I rent apartments and so a lot of my checks come to me in the mail."

Bill says it's money he needs to pay the bills for his rental properties. "It makes it a little bit tougher because it means I have to wait an extra day or a weekend for my money to come, and let's face it oftentimes money gets a little tight."

Last year the U.S. Postal Service lost nearly 16 billion dollars--  most of it due to health benefits. The postal service says eliminating mail delivery on Saturdays, will save 2 billion dollars.

Other residents have different opinions on the change. George Gonzalez said, "So we are going to get it a day later, big deal. I would hate to see the postal service go away I think it's been a staple in this country. And I think whatever they need to do to hopefully improve their functionality of the system, I think they need to take those measures now if in the long run it's going to keep them life, then I think I would rather see them do that now."

Meanwhile, Bill says more should be done than just changing mail service. Bill told us, "I am pleased that over time it will keep doing things to make its business, remain viable, but it seems Congress could be doing more to give the post office the reforms that they have been requesting for years."

The agency says the plan is to continue delivering packages on Saturdays since the volume has increased. The Postmaster General says he is confident he can make the move without Congressional approval.

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