Woman on the brink of becoming a homeowner, after years of working toward independence

Dream coming true for single mother of four

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. - Opportunity is opening up for 41 year old Tangenica Henry. In a matter of days the single mother of four will have a title she's never held - Homeowner.

"My goal was to be a homeowner by the time I was 40, just turned 41 Thursday, so I'm close to it," says Henry.

Growing up in foster care, she left home at age 16, and had to fend for herself. She landed a job at the YWCA, where she's been for 19 years. All the while she's relied on Section 8 housing to get on her feet, but she's always wanted more.  

"It's your own home, so you feel the ownership privilege you don't feel from renting," says Henry.

A number of government programs have helped keep her afloat. The final step was landing a foreclosed home in Royal Palm Beach. The Community Land Trust of Palm Beach County bought it, fixed it up, and is now selling it to Henry.

"Without these programs I wouldn't be able to own a home, I'd probably have to wait another 10 years to clear up my credit," says Henry.
Federal stimulus money helps the organization buy, fix up and re-sell foreclosed homes in the county to low-income homebuyers.

"This is the greatest part of the job, you close and these people's dreams are coming true," says Cindee Lacourse-Blum, of Community LandTrust of Palm Beach County.

As Henry gets ready to close on her new home, she's looking back at how far she's come, and where she's going.
"I think it's a rags to riches story, if someone like me gets a house, I'll be doing cartwheels all around here."

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