Voter gets the runaround, finally allowed to vote

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla.-- A Palm Beach County woman says she had to go to four different locations before she was finally able to vote on Tuesday.

Claudia McKay lives in Palm Beach Plantation. She says her voter identification card said her voting location was at the South Florida Fairgrounds. When she got there early Tuesday morning, she found out there wasn't any voting going on.

McKay drove farther west on Southern Boulevard to Christ Fellowship Church, a location covering twelve precincts. There she found out she still couldn't vote, and was told to go to First Baptist Church in Wellington.

"So then I went to First Baptist Church, and they told me I belonged to another precinct," McKay says.

So she went to a fourth location, at Everglades Elementary. The school is located not far from her house.

McKay was finally able to vote.

"I feel like my vote finally counts," McKay says.

Poll workers say that if you encounter issues like this, to go to the precinct listed on your sample ballot, and not your voter ID card. They say your identification card may be outdated. However, in McKay's case, she says she just received her card in the last few weeks.

For more election related questions in Palm Beach County, call the Supervisor of Elections help line at 561-656-6200.

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