Royal Palm Beach chiropractor to assist Team USA at Olympics

"Breathe out. All the way," Dr. Matt Symons directed, as he slowly leaned a patient down on a chiropractic chair.
Today, the chiropractor is working on dozens of patients at the Maximized Living Health Center in Royal Palm Beach.
Tomorrow, he's heading to London to work with Olympic athletes.
"I'm totally excited," said Dr. Symons. "It's an opportunity of a lifetime, and this is my first Olympics, so I'm really looking forward to it."
Dr. Symons is one of two dozen Maximized Living Sports Council chiropractors going to the Olympics. They'll assist the United States' Judo, weightlifting and wrestling teams.
"It's unprecedented," said Dr. Symons. "There's never been that large of a group of that type of doctor going there."
Not only will Dr. Symons do chiropractic work on the athletes. He'll also coach them on nutrition, training exercises, detoxification and mindset.
"I have soccer moms who I'm doing the same thing for here in town," said Dr. Symons.
He can't wait for the Olympics, but he says his heart is really in the work he does right here at home.
"Making sure that people are learning how to get well and stay well and prevent disease in the first place," he said.
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