Parents warned to take valuables out of cars when at a day care

Take your valuables when dropping off the kids

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. - It's time to pick up the kids. Moms and dads driving up and walking quickly into the All About Learning Center in Royal Palm Beach. What's new at the center is a sign, a crime alert warning parents not to leave their valuables in the car.

Roselaure Bosquet  got out of her car to pick up her daughter, leaving her purse inside the car.

When asked why she had left her pursed inside the car, she said, "I figured there is really nothing in it, I've got the wallet here."

But according to Detective Mitch McCranels with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, thieves are looking for any items that look valuable and are targeting day cares.

"These suspects are laying in wait in the area noticing when a woman walks in without her purse, and then takes a very quick advantage of this scenario and is stealing the victim's purses. And this turns into different problems where credit cards are used and identity theft issues arise," said McCranels.

The detective says parents are advised to take their valuables with them.

"The suspects used to prey on the fact that the vehicle was left open, but we are noticing now that they are going one step further and breaking windows which is just as fast as reaching in, " said McCranels.

Day cares are now telling parents about the crime alert. Nicole Stacey the director at Kreative Kids said, "It's been getting better the parents ask me what the sign is about I explain it to them so they have been very good now about coming in with their purses."

A lesson Roselaure Bosquet has learned. "I will take everything. I will take the purse, the wallet and everything even the phone."

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office also says it is not a good idea to store valuables in the trunk of your car.

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