Home Invasion suspects impersonated police officers, according to Deputies

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. - Shortly after ten Saturday night, a family at home on Finch Court in Royal Palm Beach heard a knock on the door.

When they went to answer it, three people on the other side of the door identified themselves as police officers and said they were looking for someone. They were wearing ski masks and garb that said, "Police," on it. They gave a name that was not recognized by the family inside.

The three suspects then forced their way in.

Meantime, deputies were called by a family member who escaped out a back door.

Deputies arrived quickly and cornered one suspect, who was in a getaway vehicle. The suspect was told to raise his hands. He did briefly, then dropped them and moved the car towards the deputies, the sheriff's office said. Deputies shot and killed him.

Meanwhile, another suspect was taken into custody and three weapons were recovered.

A third suspect is still being sought. Saturday night the sheriff's office was using police dogs and a police chopper in its search.

Family members in the home were not injured.

At this point, police do not believe the family has any known enemies, but are not ready to call this, "random."

It's unclear whether anything was taken from the home.

The sheriff says the neighborhood is "protected" by several canals and he predicted the third suspect would be captured soon.

The suspect may be armed.


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