Local Filipinos waiting to hear from family after Super Typhoon Haiyan strikes the Philippines

Some local Filipinos are still waiting to hear from loved ones as communication is still limited in the Philippines after a powerful typhoon slammed parts of the country.


Numerous Filipino families attend church at The Our Lady Queen of the Apostles in Royal Palm Beach.


Saturday night was the church's annual fall festival. But Filipino families say it's hard to spend the night celebrating.


"Well, to be very honest, I really wasn't in the mood so much to celebrate because of what happened in the Philippines. I mean, the disaster the magnitude. It's just terrible," said Joseph Jumapao.


Jumapao is still waiting to hear from family living in some of the hardest hit areas of the Philippines. "Hopefully they're still alive and safe," Jumapao said.


The typhoon was one of the strongest storms in history to ever make landfall. "All I say is 'oh my God, help us'."


Jumapao has also been a disaster relief volunteer for years for The American Red Cross, but has never responded to anything of this magnitude. "The magnitude is just, I've never seen anything like that."


He's struggling to imagine where his family will start picking up the pieces. "Those shanties, I know they cannot withstand those strong winds."


Now, he waits for any open line of communication. Daily, he checks his phone and the internet, but finds some comfort in being surrounded by his church family. 


" Where else do we go? We have to pray. Where else do we go?"


Church members say the church has not set up any funds yet t send help to the Philippines. Members ask that anyone who wants to help contact The American Red Cross, or any other trusted relief organization.

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