Hundreds of motorcyclists ride to raise money for Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers

Hundreds ride to raise money for Crime Stoppers

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. - Dozens of biker groups and hundreds of motorcyclists cruised for Crime Stoppers Sunday.

"You have the Defenders, you have the Nam Knights and all of the independents. I'm astounded," Lonnie Loff of the Nam Knights motorcycle group said. 

"We like to ride... you know I have a one-year-old machine and I have 25,000 miles on it already so we enjoy riding," Ralph Lajoie said.

This is the first time Lojoie and his wife have ridden for Crime Stoppers.

This is the third year of the annual ride.

This year about 500 bikers rode from Royal Palm Beach to Pahokee and back to Jupiter.

 Cruzin'' for Crime Stoppers raises thousands of dollars for the organization.

The money becomes the rewards Crime Stoppers offers to help solve crimes.

"When they utilize Crime Stoppers we protect their anonymity so that's why the rewards are so important," Jim DeFago with Crime Stoppers said.

It not only raises money, it raises awareness for the organization.

With the ride about 78 miles through most of Palm Beach County, a lot of people see the motorcyclists and learn why they're riding.

"The community is more aware about what Crime Stoppers is and that probably has a great influence in the turnout today," Loff said

Last year about $10,000 was raised, and with a bigger turnout this year they hope to raise even more.

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