Big Dog Ranch moves into old Folke Peterson Wildlife Center facilities

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Fla. - For Big Dog Ranch Rescue, after nearly a decade in their old location, the chance to relocate their facilities to the old Folke Peterson Wildlife Sanctuary in Royal Palm Beach, was an excellent opportunity for growth.

"You can see, we've redone a lot of the kennels. We're rebuilding. We're in the process of putting paddocks up for the dogs," said Meg Weinberger, a volunteer with Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Unfortunately, the renovation has been a bit of an uphill battle. In the nearly two years since Folke Peterson closed, most of the land became overgrown, swallowed by weeds. "We just graded this. It was totally steep. We need to sod all of this," said Weinberger.

New outdoor facilities were constructed for quarantined dogs, group play, and additional kennels. Multiple buildings need new roofing. New fences are going up around the property, and new services may even be added soon.

"We have the ability to have a vet clinic on site. We would love to get that up and running. It has a lot of potential," said Weinberger.

The renovation is a lot of work for a small staff of volunteers. However, it's a labor of love for man's, and woman's best friend.

"We like to create a rescue that prepares animals for their forever home. They're socialized, they go in play groups, they get to swim," said Weinberger.

In addition to financial support, Big Dog Ranch Rescue is also in need of volunteers, to help with the renovation and maintenance of their new facility.

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