Youth job fair in Riviera Beach attracts hundreds of local students

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Willie Miller had plans to relax this summer.

"For fun I like to go to CityPlace, go to Barnes and Noble get a good book, play video games, just normal high school stuff," said Miller.

But that changed when his parents told him to find a job.

"They want me out the house, at least they were honest with me," said Miller.

The 16-year-old was among the hundreds of students at the Palm Beach County Youth Job Fair today.

According to the federal government, teen unemployment was almost 25% last month, more than triple the national jobless rate of 7.6%.

"They should hire me because I work hard, I'm a team player, and I'm ready to get the job done," said Miller.

Representatives from more than 25 companies, ranging from Best Buy to the Singer Island Marriott, were at the Riviera Beach job fair talking to the job candidates.

"I'm very proud of my young people, most of them are well groomed and well dressed, most of them have resumes, most of them as you see are well ordered," said Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters.

Mayor Masters organized the event.

"Its about getting these young people productive, positive, working, and I'm so excited," said the mayor.

As for Miller... he says he accomplished all his goals today.

"I did what I came to do, I put myself out there, got some applications, made myself known, I'm pretty happy right now," said Miller.

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