The Lynx, replica War of 1812 fighting ship docks at Peanut Island

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. -- History lovers have a unique chance to take a ride on an old war ship replica.

A replica of The Lynx docked this week at Peanut Island.

The Lynx was a privateer ship during the War of 1812, known as one of the first ships to defend America's freedom. The ships were known to be quick, and served as blockade runners and offensive weapons of war.

Britain captured The Lynx, with hopes of learning what made the ship so fast. It created building plans that were used to create the 114 ton replica.

Ship Captain Bob Nelson says the ship is a great learning tool for kids. "The come thinking they're going to see Johnny Depp." He says they learn there's much more to it.

The ship will be at Peanut Island through Sunday.

Reserve a spot on the ship by following the link below.


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