The Arc's Potentials Charter School: Thieves target special needs school in Riviera Beach

Potentials Charter School serves disabled children

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Some Palm Beach County parents and teachers of disabled students are scrambling to find a quick fix after suspects stole some of their vital school supplies.

There are fences surrounding The Arc's Potentials Charter School in Riviera Beach, but they did not stop someone from going over the fence and breaking into the building.

For 10-year old Brenna Evans, the only way she can communicate is with help from the type of computers at Potentials Charter School. Much of the crucial technology was stolen sometime on Sunday.

"It's just so upsetting that people would steal from a group of disabled children," said Tara Evans, Brenna's mother.

None of the students at Potentials can walk or talk. Brenna suffers from cerebral palsy and like all the students at the school. She relies on that kind of technology every single day. "That's their only form of communication," said Evans. "Basically someone stole their form of communication."

Riviera Beach police are trying to find the person who smashed their way through a rear glass door to get inside.

Three laptops, a desktop computer and a touch-screen monitor were all taken, said school officials. Only the computers that were bolted down remained. Between the theft and the repairs, the school says the break-in could cost about $10,000.

"To take from kids that are so in need of this technology, it's heartbreaking for me," said teacher Sara Trovinger. "I just don't understand," she said.
The school does have an alarm system, which tipped off authorities to the break-in Sunday. There is no surveillance system, however, so anyone with information about what happened here should call Riviera Beach police at (561)845-1423.

To learn more about how you can help The Arc's Potentials Charter School, click here .

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