'Sweet 16' deadly shooting: School adds police in wake of Riviera Beach shooting

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. -- Riviera Beach Police along with city leaders announced Tuesday they will hold a news conference to discuss new information surrounding the "Sweet 16" birthday party shooting that left two teens dead and injured several others.

The shooting happened just before midnight on Saturday near Newcomb Hall located at the Riviera Beach Marina.

The Palm Beach Post reported that current and previous students from Palm Beach Gardens High were among dozens of people from throughout the area at the "Sweet 16"

As a result the school requested extra security from district police.

Principal Larry Clawson wanted to make certain school grounds remained safe.

Clawson said it is an emotional time for many. The school provided counseling to deal with any students grieving or concerned.

"You always air on the side of caution. You want to provide a safe learning environment. Our kids know that we have additional police officers here if we have a special event or if we have something happen. I'm very much proactive than reactive," said Clawson.

Police also reported there was another shooting in Riviera Beach on Monday night involving another teen who was shot while trying to run away from a fight.

Investigators are looking into whether to two shootings are related and said the victim is listed in critical condition.

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