Stonybrook apartments, Riviera Beach living conditions criticized by US Dept. of Housing

RIVIERA BEACH, FLA.  A low-income apartment complex in Riviera Beach is under fire for what the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development now calls unacceptable living conditions.

In a small press conference on Friday, Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters said he's calling every agency he can think of from city level, to Rick Governor Scott's office, all the way up to HUD's office Washington.

"As the mayor I am declaring a 'State of Emergency' as relates to Stonybrook housing complex in the city of Riviera Beach," said Masters.

The community wants the roaches, mold and rats gone and the structural damages fixed.

HUD officials are now sending an investigator to the complex early next week.   They say the units received a non-passing score in terms of the condition of the buildings.

And that's what mayor Masters is fighting to change.

"There is no timetable, timetable is immediate, now, when the rats go, I'll leave, when the roaches go, I'll leave, when the mold is gone, I will leave," said Masters.

But property manager Edward Montes, who took over about 3 months ago with the company Miami Mar, says his company is knee-deep in repairs, working as fast as it can.

"We've replaced three roofs, we've done a lot of work on the ground as far as erosion control is concerned, we've replaced over 25 kitchen cabinets, over 25 air conditioning units, stoves, refrigerators, appliances people really need in their homes," said Montes.

Montes also says crews will be at the complex to fumigate every apartment next week Monday through Wednesday, and he's introducing a rodent program the property hasn't seen in years.

"In the short time we've been here, we've accomplished great goals," said Montes.

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