Shots fired near anti-violence rally in Riviera Beach meant to teach kids to 'Live in Peace'

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Riviera Beach police responded to the scene of a shooting Sunday night near 26th Street and Old Dixie Highway.

Witnesses say they heard a round of gunfire, but police have not confirmed whether anyone was injured.

The gunfire happened less than a mile from where members of the community were gathering for an anti-violence rally.

Participants could hear the gunfire from St. James Baptist Church.

It's the type of violence that they're trying to put a stop to.

Rally participants used signs and t-shirts to spread the message of "Live in Peace" or L.I.P.

It's in contrast to R.I.P., which rally organizers say too many people are having to say goodbye to their loved ones too soon.

The rally specifically targets the youth, who organizers say are too often behind the bullets or the ones being hit.

Nearly 10 people have been shot in Riviera Beach just this month.

"It's a lot of kids killing kids, but we can't blame the kids because we're not teaching them," said organizer Marvel Saffold.

That's why parents like Tyronetter Poindexter bring their kids to the rally to educate them, and keep them involved in something positive.

"You know, we're giving back to the community. If we do stuff like this, they're not out there getting in trouble," said Poindexter.

"She tells me when I grow up or when I become a teen, I don't need to be murdered. I don't need to be murdering. I don't need to be hanging around the wrong crowd," said  Poindexter's 11-year old son, Jason.

Organizers want more kids to follow Jason's lead.

"I don't want to get murdered, and I definitely don't want to get in trouble by policemen," Jason said. 

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