Sheriff's bomb squad called to port to investigate 'suspicious device'

Turned out to be a false alarm

— The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office bomb squad investigated a suspicious package at the Port of Palm Beach Friday.

Riviera Beach Fire Rescue, Riviera Beach police and sheriff's deputies were are also on the scene.

The port's executive director said the suspicious package was spotted by an officer of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. They are responsible for inspecting containers coming into the port.

"We can only assume this container went through an X-ray machine. Again, part of standard procedure. This is how they spot and check containers. If that's the case. And I stress that, if that's the case because this is still under investigation, that's how they were able to see this suspicious package inside a container that most likely shouldn't be there," said Manuel Almira with the Port of Palm Beach.

The port said that the package turned out to be two large jars taped together. They contained a non-dangerous substance.

The container where the package was found came from the Caribbean.

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