Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office assisting Riviera Beach in party shooting probe

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - The investigation into Saturday's deadly shooting at a Sweet 16 party in Riviera Beach is getting an assist from Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office.

Riviera Beach police say the shooting may have stemmed from a disagreement between two people before the party started.

Police also believe it was an isolated incident.

"As you know, it was a difficult crime scene," Clarence Williams, chief of the Riviera Beach Police Department, told WPTV NewsChannel 5 on Wednesday. "It's going to be a situation where we are going to have to take our time and develop [the investigation] so we do not leave any stone unturned. The State Attorney is involved to a great degree. You know, they are a key partner in this process. And, we have coordinated with the attorneys in the State Attorney's office to help us fashion and shape, you know, our investigative attentions. We have to be able to win in the second half of the game and that's a successful prosecution."

Police have not publicly confirmed the identities of the victims, however WPTV NewsChannel 5 spoke with the family of one of the young people believed to have been shot and killed at Newcomb Hall on Saturday.

Loved ones of Andrew Joseph, 16, say they were notified by authorities on Monday evening that 'Andy' was, in fact, one of the two people who died.

"I'm never going to stand before anybody and say that I have the ability or the power to eradicate crime. And, no other police chief or sheriff will make that revelation. All we can do is make certain that our citizens are as comfortable and feel as safe as they move about our community as they possibly can," Williams said. "This is a national concern. It is a national problem. And, ultimately, gun violence is going to need a national solution."


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