Riviera Beach proposing red light cameras

City ordinance change would be first step

RIVERA BEACH, Fla. - The city of Riviera Beach is taking the first steps to pave the way for red light cameras.

On the July 6th city agenda, a first reading will be held to amend the city's code of ordinances by adding the "Red Light Enforcement Program."

This comes after p0olice chief Clarence Williams signed off on the agenda item, which will lay the foundation for the city to enter a contract with a red light enforcement system vendor.

The ordinance must be passed first before the red light cameras are installed.

There is no timetable on when installation would happen.

The suggested fine for a red light traffic violation in the city, according to the agenda item, would be $158.

Drivers in Riviera Beach have mixed opinions.

"Now that I have kids I drive pretty safe, so I wouldn't mind them, doesn't bother me any," said Russell Singson, who works in Riviera Beach.

Francesca Thomas, who drives through Riviera Beach for work every weekday said, "Safer? I mean, people run lights regardless so it might be a good thing."

According to the agenda item summary, the red light camera vendors would own the equipment and cover the complete cost of installation and maintenance.

A Riviera Beach city spokeswoman would not comment on the proposal, saying it is normal city procedure not to comment on pending legislation.


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