Riviera Beach police using armored truck to keep 'eye' on crime

Surveillance truck camped out in neighborhood

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - A Riviera Beach neighborhood is under close police watch and officers are not being shy about how - or why - their surveillance tactics have been rolled in. The department is going high-tech to combat dangerous crimes.

A mid-August murder on the streets of Riviera Beach is the reason why the neighborhood is currently under surveillance.

"You don't know where we are, but we know where you are," said Maj. Leonard B. Mitchell of the Riviera Beach Police Department.

The police force recently introduced 'The Eye' as the department's newest high-tech crime-fighting tool. These days, 'The Eye' is watching from the corner of Avenue O and West 26th Court.

"We've gotten intelligence that something may be happening in the neighborhood," said Maj. Mitchell.

Police are keeping their eye out for potential criminal activity related to that August 15 murder. A 19-year-old was shot and killed. Another man was injured by gunfire.

"This truck is solid. You can't move it," said Mitchell.

The armored former Brinks truck is bullet-resistant. It has been retro-fitted with cameras and other equipment linked directly to police headquarters.

It is also nearly impossible not to realize that someone is being watched. That, police say, is exactly why - and how - this watchful 'eye' may be working.

"We're letting them know that you're going to stand your ground and not let it happen," Mitchell said.

Police say the truck itself was a bargain. Brinks gave it to the department for just $10. The equipment inside was paid for with grants.

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