Riviera Beach Police explain why they canceled AMBER Alert

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Riviera Beach police are standing by their decision to issue an AMBER Alert for the two-year-old who was eventually found unharmed with a family member in Minnesota.

Police say they made contact with the two-year-old's biological mother in prison Friday and she told them Cassandra Edmonds had permission to have the toddler.

With that new information, police say they canceled the alert.

"You always wish you have every bit of accurate information at your disposal when you are first made aware of something...so with that information from the biological mother directly then we had no other choice but to downgrade the AMBER Alert, however, the condition that the child was missing did not change," Riviera Beach Police spokeswoman Rose Ann Brown said.

Brown says the reason detectives took the case so seriously is because Edmonds has two pending child abuse cases and she agreed to turn over the two-year-old, but didn't show up. They believed the child was in danger.

The child was found unharmed in Minnesota on Saturday with a family member.

Edmonds is being charged with child abuse in relation to the other two children taken by DCF, but is not yet facing charges related to the two-year-old.