Riviera Beach Police Chief catches Hank Aaron's 714 homerun ball

Clarence William's was on a Cincinnati police officer working the Braves-Reds game 40 years ago.

"My assignment was between the homerun wall and the stands, needless to say there wasn't much of a view from that standpoint," said Williams.

A standpoint that had Williams standing in the right position.

Hank Aaron was on the cusp of tie-ing Babe Ruth's all time homerun record.

"I heard the roar of the crowd, heard the crack of the bat, everyone else in the stadium reacted, and I heard the ball hit the wall behind me," said Williams.

And when the police rookie looked down, he saw a baseball. Baseball number 714.

"The center field balls opened up, and I had a chance to walk the ball to second base and I thought I would be able to walk right up to Mr. Aaron, but I wasn't, he was in the dugout," said Williams.

Now the Riviera Beach police chief jokes that he could have kept the ball.

But he knew giving it back to Mr Aaron was the right thing to do.

"The next day I had an opportunity to meet him on the field, and he presented me with another ball that he autographed for me, that said 'To Clarence from hank'," said Williams.

And 40 years later, his motto has stayed the same---always fulfill your duties.

"What started out to be a not-so-good assignment, turned into be a very pleasurable for me," said Williams.