Riviera Beach neighbors are on edge after a toddler is shot, street riddled with gunfire

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - A street riddled with gunshots, two armed and dangerous men on the run, and a two year old fighting for her life after getting shot.

Now, Riviera Beach Police are scrambling to find the gunmen after the toddler was shot Thursday evening on West 32nd Street.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom. Like four shots at a time, it would stop, and then start again," neighbor Sivina Smith said.

The shooting happened at about 8:40 pm.

One of the shots hit the two year old, and the others went through homes and cars.

"It went all the way into my house. You can see the hole in the wall. I almost got killed in my own house," neighbor Patricia Story said.

One of the bullets flew into Patricia's apartment, just barely missing her she says.

"I just hope that baby doesn't remember what happened because she will be traumatized," Story said.

According to Riviera Beach Police, they know who the suspects are, but they aren't releasing their identities while they search for them.

"We believe they are still armed and dangerous," Police spokeswoman Rose Ann Brown said.

According to a police press release:

Police say the two year-old was riding in a car being driven by her grandmother. Also present in the car was the toddler's mother, a sibling, and one other male. Police say the male passenger noticed another car following them and asked the grandmother to pull into the parking lot of an apartment building located at 1176 West 32nd Street, but did not give her a reason why.

When the grandmother pulled into the parking lot a small black car pulled in behind her. Police say the male passenger exited her car and a male exited the small black car. Investigators say the two males began exchanging gun shots. During that exchange, the two year-old was shot. She was subsequently driven to the hospital by her grandmother. Both shooters fled the area. The toddler is currently listed in critical but stable condition.
Police are looking for the two suspects in this incident. 

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Riviera Beach Police at (561) 845-4123 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS. Anyone who believes they know the suspects is advised not to contact them because they should be considered armed and dangerous.

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