Riviera Beach Mayor wants to open a local chapter of "Peacekeepers"

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Masters says he wants to open a chapter of "Peacekeepers" in Palm Beach County. The international group is made up of people who want to bring peace to their communities.

Masters says the idea came to him at a funeral Saturday. That funeral was for one of the two people who were shot and killed at a recent "Sweet 16" party in Riviera Beach.

He says those who want to sign up can do so through the Riviera Beach City Hall. Masters says local "Peacekeepers" will receive training they can use in their communities.

Masters will pass out shirts to volunteers which read "I am present for peace."

Masters says he's tired of the recent violence seen not only in his city, but other cities as well.

"Children should be burying their mothers, not mothers burying their children. It's sad, it's terrible, it's out of hand, it's outrageous," Masters says. "It's time that we stand up as men, white or black. We're all precious in God's sight."

The mayor says training will eventually be offered to women as well. His first group of "Peacekeepers," however,  will be for men only.

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