Riviera Beach Marina looks to expand again

Riviera Beach Marina looks to bring more retail

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - With boats back at the north end of the Riviera Beach marina, chef's are finally starting to cook for more customers at the Tiki Waterfront Sea Grille.

"Well we had about a year and a half where business was struggling," Keith Vaughn of the restaurant said. "Chain link fences up, lack of access, lack of boats, but since the fence has come down about 25 to 35 percent increase in business."

Phase one of the marina's development brought 78 new floating docks, new walkways and a new sea wall.

Soon the city will start phase two, which plans to bring even more docks to the south end along with retail shops.

"We're creating an environment where families can spend the whole day here at the marina," Riviera Beach spokesman William Giles said.

The city says the final phase of redevelopment will cost more than $10 million.

They say the economic impact will make up for the cost.

"As more and more businesses move in they'll hire more and more people," Giles said. "It will also make an opportunity for more business opportunities."

Big plans, the Tiki Waterfront Sea Grille hopes brings big crowds and more revenue.

"That's going to bring more boat traffic, more commercial," Vaughn said. "I hope it hits that middle sweet spot where the super yachts can have service on one side and you and I can have lunch over here."

The redevelopment work plans to be done in 2014.

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