Rev. A.C. Evans retires after 52 years at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Riviera Beach

It was always the highlight of the week for pastor AC Evans to prepare his sermon for congregation at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church.

"It's not me preaching, it's God preaching through me because I wouldn't be able to do anything without his Holy Spirit," said Evans.

And after 52 years of preaching his words and wisdom---pastor Evans is now passing on the torch.

He preached his farewell sermon on January 31st. A sermon that he said took weeks to write.

"It's a blessing to just preach the word, to the people... trusting that they can obey me and the lord," said Evans.

Evans became pastor at the Riviera Beach church in 1961.

And two years later he spearheaded the project to build the new church on Avenue O.

"I'm still fired up and ready to go and age 83, I feel just as good now as I felt in my 30s," said Evans.

Deacon Leodis Sanders has known Evans for decades.

"When we first got to know each other we had our ups and downs, but we never let it separate our love," said Sanders.

And the 83-year-old isn't done just yet. He plans to continue his mission work in the Glades community and host Bible studies at Mount Olive.

"The lord has been good to me, 83-years-old, I'm still going strong, don't you know I'm happy, yes I am, I'm telling you," said Evans.

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