Residents say Stonybrook apartments are improved, but much work remains

HUD says random inspections are satisfactory

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Despite exterminators, despite outcry, despite a HUD crackdown, Corinthia Williams showed us that exterminators at Stonybrook didn't get all the bugs in her apartment.

"They're in here somewhere, hiding behind something," said Williams.

In the last month, she says her apartment has been sprayed for bugs twice and a new water heater has been installed.

HUD inspectors demanded a crash course after we reported August 8th that Stonybrook failed previous federal inspections, and the city's mayor protested.

HUD says they've randomly inspected eleven apartments for safety violations like smoke alarms and rodents.

They say the inspections were satisfactory and that they'll continue.

We asked for proof that the inspections were done, but a spokesperson for HUD said they weren't immediately available.

Property managers for Miami Mar Inc., the company that manages the property for Global Ministries Foundation - the owners - admits there is more work to do.

"Exterminating has been an ongoing issue as you know, and we are continuing to work," said Justin Hayek, a corporate counsel for Miami Mar, Inc.

"I don't want to be here forever, I haven't even been here a year," said Williams.

Miami Mar has started a complex newsletter outlining improvements like new air conditioning units and increased staff.

During our visit, we saw an overflowing dumpster and trash right next to newly-installed garbage cans.

The newsletter asks residents to help,

"It helps us because they know what we're doing and are more likely to cooperate to improve the property," said Hayek.

The apartment next door to Williams is a much different story.

No bugs, no peeling paint.

Alteran Alourdor says he's proof that being a responsible resident goes a long way.

"I don't have cockroaches. I do everything myself in here," said Alourdor.

The newsletter also explains that after school and youth recreation programs are being started.

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