No major issues reported on Memorial Day weekend

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. - Law enforcement on Sunday said so far there have not been any major issues on the water during the Memorial Day weekend.

Officials were out all day enforcing boating safety laws.

Many people turned out at Phil Foster Park in Riviera Beach Sunday to spend time with loved ones.

"It's just a celebration, you know me and my family get together once a year," said Dawnita Gray.

Kids and adults splashed near the shoreline, while boaters rocked the waves by Peanut Island, which kept law enforcement marine units busy patrolling the water.

Amanda Phillips with Florida Fish and Wildlife said, "There's probably over a couple hundred boats and probably a couple thousand people."

Agencies checked to make sure boaters were abiding by boating safety laws. Overall, officers said it was a pretty calm day, but few still had to be reprimanded.

"It's been pretty much boating and safety violations for the most part.   Hanging off the boat, you know, not having their correct safety gear on board," said Phillips.

Boater Gerry Kramer said he was glad to see officers.

"I have seen a large police presence, which for people who are doing the right thing, makes us feel a little bit more safe," said Kramer. "You see a lot of knuckleheads get drunk and acting a fool. We just saw a guy with a 40-foot boat run into the dock."

FWC, PBSO, the U.S. Coast Guard and Riviera Beach police will be back first thing Monday morning for the thousands of boaters who are expected to come out here for Memorial Day.  Again, they'll be checking to make sure everyone is following the law.

It's unclear if any arrests were made Sunday.

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